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About us

Ondo State Football Agency (ODSFA), the first and only Football Agency in Nigeria that has the potentials to be one of the best human developments agencies in the Continent and the world at large, given the various potentials at its disposal. Ondo State is one of the 36 states of the federation and has about 4 million people. It is one of the most naturally endowed states in Nigeria with Natural resources such as Cocoa, Timber, Mineral resources like Crude Oil and of a fact blessed with the 3rd largest Bitumen deposit in the world. The youth which is the focus of football development in the state is put at about 40 percent of the state population. The football potentials in the state can conveniently feed the Nations Football Club given the importance of football in the world as a wonderful unifying factor that cut across all races and colors.

The Club mission is t
o discover, equip, develop and expose talented youths from the grassroots to stardom. 
To redirect the strength of youths through purposeful leadership whose policies and programmes will transform their lives by creating employment and wealth.
Our vision is to make
 Ondo State a cynosure of all eyes in terms of Football Academy and developmental programmes.
To make the state a football hub and serve as feeders to all other clubs in the country.

Updated: Olanireti Festus

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